How To Achieve Digital Medicine

Posted by Noteworth on Dec 7, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Improving the patient care journey is paramount to healthcare professionals across all disciplines. Especially based on the requirements imposed by the current pandemic and the ongoing need to address increasing numbers of ambulatory patients. A number of digital healthcare solutions have shown up in the last decade to digitize patient records and automate areas such as remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, but the best solution will ultimately be one that crosses all patient care boundaries under one platform and that is at the heart of Digital Medicine.

Digital Medicine Demystified

For those still not familiar with the term Digital Medicine, Nature Medicine Magazine offers this description:

“Digital medicine, defined as the use of digital tools to upgrade the practice of medicine to one that is high definition and individualized, holds promise in revolutionizing healthcare and well-being. At the core of this revolution is the development of technological solutions to monitor, process and integrate vast amounts of data at the individual and population levels to help address the health problems and challenges faced by patients, clinicians and health systems alike. This new digital age of medicine has the potential to democratize access to care and empower patients to engage with their health in a truly preventive way. It also holds the promise of helping clinicians to navigate the increasing volume and complexity of patients’ data in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner.”

You may also be interested in this blog titled “Demystifying Digital Medicine” and this blog titled “Why Digital Medicine? Why Now?” to add to your subject matter research. And once you complete your understanding of Digital Medicine you will also be ready to understand how to successfully implement it, or more specifically, what you should look for in selecting a comprehensive Digital Medicine solution.

Collect, Assess, Act

A comprehensive Digital Medicine solution will not only integrate with your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system but will also bridge all of your other digital healthcare silos with a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform in order to succeed. In order to implement a comprehensive Digital Medicine platform, you will need to accommodate data collection, assessment and proactive interventions:

  • Collect: All digital solutions should provide the ability to receive Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) from multiple channels and access the data continuum in near real time. This should include the ability to integrate with device kits (both hospital and clinic branded as well as patient owned health and fitness devices), send and collect patient survey data, as well as a guide to help measure and track patient adherence to medication prescriptions.
  • Assess: An effective solution will also easily assess patient data with built-in analysis tools designed to help care teams drive action from insights. This should include the ability to provide real-time access to all patient data to make better decisions along with an alert engine to drive patient behaviors, and deliver individual instructions to patients for the best walking diagnosis, as well as provide analytics that feed back into population health systems or payer, etc, for proper billing.
  • Act: A comprehensive solution will also facilitate proactive patient interventions and build efficient workflows, record and document encounters in addition to offering video visits. It goes without saying that this should include video visits, but also include the ability to engage the patient’s care circle and support patient education with an interactive repository as well as track all encounters for advanced billing, remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, etc so that time and efforts are tracked from anywhere.

Once you have outlined the requirements you desire for your Digital Medicine offering, you will need to evaluate the myriad of solution and technology providers in order to find the best fit for your patient care journey requirements.

Your Trusted Digital Medicine Provider

Not all Digital Health and Digital Medicine solutions are created equally. Most were designed and built with a specific element of the care journey in mind (i.e. telemedicine versus remote patient monitoring). The challenge with implementing these point solutions early is that they can often lead to yet another digital healthcare data silo that will need custom integration in order to manage the entire patient care journey from one view.

Noteworth’s comprehensive care delivery system allows integration and optimization with your EMR, and it can replace multiple remote offerings under one platform, reducing the need for multiple reporting overlaps. On top of which, it allows for a “walking diagnosis” and tracking of symptoms with Patient Reported Outcomes and Adherence to Care Plan, including Medication Management and RPM which allows for proactive care. Noteworth enriches the ambulatory patient experience and allows clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses by easily and effectively producing and managing the data that confirms superior clinical outcomes, reducing cost of care and improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Bottomline is that when your patient feels like they are actively involved in their own care with a feedback loop (and not just something else to do), you set an entirely new bar for Contactless Healthcare delivery by creating an empowerment model for the patient.  Now is the time to see for yourself how you can provide unrivaled confirmation of superior clinical outcomes, reduce cost of care and improve patient safety and satisfaction by enriching the patient experience and allowing clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses or better yet, request a demo today.

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