How to Meet HRSA-funded Hypertension Control Program Goals

Posted by Noteworth on May 20, 2021 5:11:35 PM

Hypertension is costly to the healthcare system. Patients with high blood pressure (compared to those without), had 2.5 times the outpatient costs, nearly double the outpatient costs, and nearly triple the prescription medication expenditures. 

To address this, the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA) recently awarded nearly $90 million in supplemental funds to support 496 health centers participating in the National Hypertension Control Initiative (NHCI-HC). 

The NHCI-HC aims to address disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations in the U.S., specifically the 4.8 million adult patients diagnosed with hypertension, 57.7% of whom identify as a racial and/or ethnic minority. 

The primary goal of the NHCI-HC is to increase controlled hypertension among this population by leveraging health centers to drive improved care delivery and patient monitoring. Over a 3-year period, health centers will use the funds to invest in areas such as personnel, training, supplies, equipment, and health IT to increase provider and staff engagement in implementing evidence-based practices, including self-measured blood pressure technology. 

Noteworth partners with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to assist with the grant requirements around monitoring uncontrolled hypertensive patients. 

Starting with monitoring devices, we handle all logistics for blood pressure cuffs (both Bluetooth and cellular-enabled), ensuring that patients receive their device, understand how to use it, and can access technical support. We also offer branded device kits to match an organization’s unique brand identity. When patients’ remote BP readings are taken, they are made available in near-real time so clinicians and case managers can act on them if necessary. Clinicians can use the Noteworth platform to manage medication adherence schedules, as well as deliver condition-specific patient education and verify if it was reviewed or not.

Whether you are a fee-for-service or largely value-based care organization, leverage Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) within Noteworth's platform to fuel care team efficiencies and deliver patient-focused, continuous monitoring for patients with uncontrolled hypertension. Learn how Noteworth drives successful HRSA-funded programs

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